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Throughout its 60-year history, Mondo has invested a great deal of resources in engineering and manufacturing high-performance products specifically for the education market. The philosophy behind the development of these products has been simple: Use carefully selected raw materials to build safe and extremely durable products that protect the environment during the manufacturing stage and, more importantly, within school environments.

Mondo is a family-owned company, and it extends its family values to the markets that it serves. During the past 30 years, Mondo has committed the majority of its research and development resources to the continuous innovation of its products that are sold within the education market to exceed demands of its clients. Mondo has sold and installed more than 100 million square feet of flooring in schools, and the majority is still in use today. As a result, the company is extremely proud to have helped to improve the indoor air quality - and the overall learning environment - of schools across North America.

Mondo manufactures products for all school environments, including classrooms, corridors, labs, cafeterias. All of its products are made with the highest quality standards and are completely safe for students, teachers, administrators and staff.